Dragoncon Battlemat

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UPDATE: From HTML5 to 3D Retail game on Steam..here is the real version of Battlemat - http://store.steampowered.com/app/270942/

Dragoncon Battlemat is a virtual tabletop for pen and paper RPG players to enjoy battling online. Full freedom to create Infinite Dungeons, Forests, Cities and Oceans.. add as many monsters and heroes as you like, set initiative and stats and let the battle system lead you through an amazing battle!

More Information on how to use this Application

- This game contains no AI, this is a virtual tabletop for pen and paper gamers.
- This is for multiple players on the same computer, as in a pen and paper playing group.

First, you choose a map background.. the default one is the dungeon floor as this was originally made to be for dungeon crawls only but I added more content to be nice.

Second, you can place dungeon or map "Props" to make the map look cool and make it unique.
- Double left click to delete props
- Right click to rotate props
- uncheck the edit props box to make them part of the map when you are ready to play.

Third, You need to add monsters and players.. after you have added player and monster tokens you can click on the token and then click on the stats icon to set the stats for the token..like.. hitpoints, strength, condition statuses, Name etc.

Fourth, After your starting tokens are plaved you click on the Initiative icon and roll the initiative to start the battle. After the battle is started you can move the tokens as their turn comes up.. after the tokens turn is done.. you click the next button at the top left of the screen and it will move to the next tokens turn.

As the battle progresses you can add more props or tokens as you like.

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This has come leaps and bounds. And considering it is html5, you've pushed the boundaries a bit furthur on what can/can't be done. Wonderful Job.

Not too bad, just a couple thoughts for this are local save options for maps bestiaries and characters, and maybe a random map generator. If you want this to be really on the fly, that is a great way to do it.
Newgrounds also probably wasn't a great place for this with some of the scrolling functions. It still seems just ever more beneficial to actually do this on pen and paper. Still a kick ass thing to use for some nifty visuals if ever my group gets lazy.

mwmdragon responds:

It was a learning project for me.. I'll improve on it over time but I think my next focus will be AI to make something similar but as an actual game rather than a tool.

Click-and-drag scrolling doesn't seem to work.

It's a good idea, but altogether sloppily executed.

mwmdragon responds:

Click and touch the edges of the screen.
The other option of just moving your mouse to the edge of the screen doesn't work in Newgrounds arcade system.

Low quality and confusing, but I assume SOMEONE can figure out how to do this.

mwmdragon responds:

It's geared towards people who play Pen and Paper games, not the average flash game player.

Really cool idea for a game, being able to create your own personal dungeon like this! Only potential flaw I can spot is how the props don't automatically sync with the background tiles, I'd like to follow the perfect grid layout but this way everything doesn't align perfectly by default, maybe an option to snap onto grid could be included? Also, how about an option to save levels/games through the NG API, and load them again at a later time? That'd be pretty neat. Keep up the great work!


mwmdragon responds:

I included a grid to help you align the props.. but snapping as an option is something I will add in the future.

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Nov 29, 2013
11:24 AM EST
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