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Normally I do comedy, but this time I wanted to try something more drama orientated. This was actually conceived before last year's 'Vixen With A Shotgun', but this was always going to be more epic and plot driven. I wanted to spend a bit more time on it, and also went for a more simplified and basic style of animation too. I think it suits the story well :)

All animation and editing are by myself.
The music was composed by Fox Amoore at foxamoore.com

EDIT: Thank you so much for the Daily Feature and Underdog trophies! :D


It was nice, the part where the hunter catches the arrow is a good reference, but its kinda stretching it to have a fox use TNT and create complex tools, then proceed to master archery within a day. Then kill the equivalent of Rambo. 3/5 Stars.

This movie is wonderful and awesome at the same time.
but it became sad at the end like the movie 9.
how most of the ragdolls died and at the end there ghosts go to heaven and then turn into germs.
that bring life to the empty earth.
but like I said there is nothing wrong with it.
keep up the good work.

is cute :)

Meh. Having the frigging casper the friendly ghost ending (and I say that because there actually was a casper the friendly ghost episode where he tames a fox which is then killed by hunters and then of course predictably reunited with Casper when he becomes a ghost fox at the end - nearly making me gag/giving me type II diabetes even THEN when I was young) completely ruins it. It trivializes the whole point of a struggle, of revenge, and diminishes or destroys any sense of the hunters being evil if life is just a frigging pac man game and you just get to try out life as a ghost afterwards. What's so bad about killing then, right? Those hunters weren't such bad guys, they just allowed the little foxes to become non-corporeal foxes that can fly, which is even more fun than being the regular kind of fox, right? As if the anthropomorphising of the fox wasn't annoying enough after already establishing her as the regular wild 4-legged kind at the beginning, suddenly she's using complex tools and walking on 2 legs and where the hell did she get the TNT from? Hammerspace? But hey, the animation quality was good.

KFoxyFox responds:

She got the TNT from a quarry; it's in there in one brief scene =P

It was awesome, nothing to say , the storywas perfectly drawn thanks !

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Nov 29, 2013
9:45 AM EST
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