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Aggressive Flower

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Glad I finally made this animation before the year ended! Wanted to see If I could make a 40 second animation, though it stretches to well over a minute. The idea of the flower comes from how stronger plants that are surrounded by several other plants, often hog up the area, suffocating weaker plants and taking their nutrients from the soil and water.

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Apparently this is what you get if Doctor Claw and Archimonde get jointly reincarnated as a flower.

I feel like there needs to be some dark foreboding music playing in the background while the flower talks.

good stuff :) i can sense the irony. a little fragile thing, yet so evil.... kinda like a chihuahua.... drawings are a little dirty, though.

ElectroJoe responds:

Like a chihuahua, hilarious comparison there

Well that was a bit terrifying but I am amused nonetheless xD
I had a bit of trouble understanding the flower though, and the animation, in my eyes at least, looks much better for the plants than it did the people.

That was really funny. The animation was also good , maybe a little cleaner.The audio voice over was hard to hear at times but the second playthrough i got it. Overall Great job!

ElectroJoe responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'll make sure I can have cleaner lines (planning on getting a cintiq soon to help with some of that) and will say my dialog clearer for future videos.