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Find The Candy

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Find the candy hidden in the room and collect the 3 hidden stars along the way! Move books, unlock chests, collect gifts and more to find that candy! Don't forget to check every part for stars too, they like to blend in with the surroundings.

Click on items to move them, unlock chests, collect gifts, etc until you find the candy. If you spot a star click on it to collect it.


Great little game. Would love to see more like it. Awesome physics and graphics and I liked the little nods to things like Futurama and Nyan Cat.

The fact that you can get stuck and that there is a certain order you have to do things in within the course of solving the puzzles makes this game feel too pre-determined and takes the fun out of it, if there was a certain way you were supposed to do things, you would program it so that certain things could not be activated before other things.

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Great ideas. Merry Christmas! (nope..I'm not too PC to say it!)

I'm a total sucker for games like this. It's very simple, barely challenging, but it's a good time-killer and just some general fun. The graphics are nice, the physics are nice... just generally nice!

lol nyan cat level 10

fun game , nice and easy .

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3.82 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2013
1:15 PM EST
Puzzles - Other