Deadly Space Action #22

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In the season finale, LeMarion turns the tables on Ashley, Orton and Bestus get trapped, and LeMarion's parents flip the script.

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I liked this a lot! I enjoyed Lemarion turning all competent and bad-ass. I didn't see that one coming! Waiting with bated breath for season 3!

Dang, this stuff never stops getting any funnier. I like how LeMarion agrees to be good so quickly. A pity everyone else is less evil than him. I think this had some of the best animation you've ever worked on. Seriously, the facial expressions were perfect in this! I'm saddened this did not win an award of some kind.

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I'm starting to tell you do all the voices, not that there's anything wrong with that. It's weird how he looks so different from his parents. Or are they his parents? Funny all the way through.


I quite like the show. I do feel like the humor relied a little too much on the faces in this episode. That kind of thing can be funny once in a while, but it ceases to be funny when it's used every 10 seconds.

Can't wait for the next season :D