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Inspired by an old mini-game I couldn't find any more I redid this one.

Thank you to all the tutorials, especially to http://dev.tutsplus.com/ for the UI


* Difficulties *
You can change the difficulty in the main menu.

* Get Points *
Click inside circles to get points. The smaller the circle the bigger the points.

* Loose Points *
Click outside circles and you loose points. The further away from the circle the more points you loose.

* Loose Game *
If a circle collides with another circle or the wall, the game is over.

* Multiplier *
Per clicked circle your multiplier increments by 0.1. Click outside a circle and the multiplier gets reset.

Since this is my first game, just post any wishes for improvements and I will add them to the TODO-list in prioritized order, so you know which feature to expect next.

* TODO *
- Add medals
- Add sounds
- Add music
- Add power-ups (slow-motion, 2x points)
- Diversitize "enemies"

* Updates *
Be sure to refresh game page to play latest version - CTRL+F5.

[Nov 27, 2013]
- Game Release

[Now 30, 2013]
- Added Score multiplier

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Good concept, though needs more content/eye candy.

onehandgaming responds:

Hi there,
that is a big thing I want to add to the next version of this game. Good to hear that I am on the right way :)

I thought that this would be a gun game because of the word "aim". You should at least make the circles able to move around, or make It more like GeoWars, where you try to attack shapes that have different personalities. Most games are better when the enemies have personalities, even if they aren't very detailed.

onehandgaming responds:

I think that's a great idea, but I wanted to keep this one simple and like the old one I remember.
But definitely going into the next game or maybe make an option for that.
Thanks for the input.

Pretty dull and boring. It had a lot more potential. You could've added music, sounds, different levels, different difficulties, ect.

onehandgaming responds:

Hi, Dude678.
Thanks for the Review. You are totaly correct with the sounds and music. This will be something I might add, once I read up on how to create sounds and music.
I am not too sure about how to create different levels for this game though. How would you imagine another level to look like?
Different difficulties are implemented. Do you want more of them?

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0.87 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2013
6:12 PM EST
Skill - Other