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Spacebar Smash2

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Hit the spacebar to get points that can be used to upgrade your weapons, time, and even the amount of fireworks that go off! Kill enemies, rainbow bosses, collect achievements, and reach ultimate awesomeness :D

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To do this properly and give a better review, I played this until new enemies stopped coming into play with the last guy being the green blob, my next sword is at 193500 and since at my best i'm only going to be getting 2000 points per game i'm stopping here.
This version is worse than the original.
Setting aside the technical bugs with being able to purchase colours multiple times, achievements for purchase not popping up until you returned to the main game and other some such, this feels like 1 step forward 2 steps back.

The main issue is that you've ruined the competitive element of the game the key drive that this type of game has which is to see who can tap more. I no longer know how many taps I made that game because of how the money system adds it up, meaning the actual skill of trying to get better and reaching a high score, and/or then posting that high score down bellow is disappeared. You have also added elements like the time purchase which in turn go on a limb and say break the game.

1. They are effective buying more time means you play for longer are more likely to kill the monster and more likely to get more money as your at a higher multiplier. This beats out any other strategy in the game.

2. They are cheap, compared to the massive prises the swords get to these are always the better and more effective option.

3. They destroy competition, it becomes less who can get the most taps and more who can grind the most taps to buy time to get the high score. Changing a game of speed into that of skinner box grinding.

4. They are dangerous, this game can get intense when you are giving it your all, as it's meant to be. When your going on for about 20+ seconds it does really begin to hurt your fingers and this could potentially lead to people damaging themselves when it is in such a long stretch.

5. Its not fun, just going for longer only makes more repetitive and the gap between shopping breaks longer and longer. Plus with such a long time limit you aren't going to be going 100% into each run creating dull lulls of boredom that don't exist anymore.

Okay thats enough about the time mechanic, woo sorry that one bothered me. The enemy system is cool though design needs to get better as well as there intimidation growing with power have each enemy become bigger and scarier to fight to get the player questioning just what's coming next instead of having it randomly fluctuate from dimond to blob.

This is still fun and I did play to the semi end and the sword thing its pretty cool even if it has its issues and I really like how enemy health comes back after each reset. Fix up the art add some music, focus down on the competitive nature of the game as thats where it has the most potential and this could be really good, but your still not close. I'll send you a jpeg of a design I thought you might like. Keep at it- Sword Saint.

My finger is hurting.

Lavaflame2 responds:

Use 2 hands :D

Sorry, but this is a rather poor adaption of the dashnet cookie clicker
( http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/ ), just that this is the spacebar instead of the mouse ...

Are you guys hired by Mouse-and-keyboard designers so we ruin our stuff ? xD

- When I "upgrade" my sword, only the graphics seem to switch to another weapon, but I still do only 1 damage at level ... Well, that s it so far ... this made me so angry that I refused to play on. And which purpose do the fireworks serve?

Lavaflame2 responds:

You are misunderstood. You are doing more damage EVERY TIME you upgrade. The +x at the bar is how many points you are getting, not the damage.
No. I was not hired by keyboard designers. I am just a measly peasant trying to find his pheasant.

Even though the art sucks, this is an EXTREMELY addicting game.

Lavaflame2 responds:

:D Thanks for the kind words Karsys. As long as a few people enjoy it, I'll be happy

yay spacebar masher :p
The whole idea of upgrading and leveling up is cool. Somehow, confetti helps you gain more money... that was pretty random. The program is generally bug free ( I did notice that you could "purchase" the new colors even after you unlocked them) The only problem is that the player has to hit the space bar FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND *(*$%&# TIMES. Sorry. spamming the keyboard makes me very irritated. One game effect you could add is turrets or other items that hit monsters for you. That would make the game much more interesting. Also, some sound FX would be nice.

Lavaflame2 responds:

500,000 times? I think thats a bit of an overstatement. One needs not press the spacebar more than a thousand times in order to beat the game

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2013
2:55 PM EST

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