Dangerous Olympics

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I know there are a lot of people out there that don't really like Stick men movies, but this one made me laugh as I created it. This movie shows why England never win the Olympics!

This new version has sound and a loading screen.

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The stick figures actually seem to hold up pretty well! Granted, we haven't made that much progress with them. I probably only love this because the actual Olympics are happening. It's a nice little coincidence. We should have violent stuff like this. It was weird how I could understand him at first, but then couldn't.

I guess all he can say intelligibly is "Holy shit". The Earth hasn't even been around for 10,000,000,000 years! I just love how things escalate. It shows nice detail. I hope we have a great Rio Olympics here too!

The action sequence was good and I liked what that guy on the tractor thought. I didn't like the animation style or the sound very much.

Some Decent Comedy

Not half bad, the quality of certain things such as Mount Doom seemed to have some effort put into them. The comedy was quite decent with the one stick figure exclaiming him wanting to move on getting a real job, get a girlfriend and so on right before his death. The pace and sense of timing of this video was great I thought it wasn't to short nor to long. There were a few things that brought a smile to my face so nice job.

The main thing that bugged me about this was the "voice acting." It was this constant little mumble that you could not understand even if the volume is turned up. The background quality as well as frontground quality could really use some more effort put into it to make it more enjoyable, as well as the flash starting off with a better introduction then some supposed Olympian throwing that javelin around.

Not bad to watch if you got a minute or two, some decent comedy at the time being just a little outdated and could use some more effort and a better introduction.

-TY Reviews


i love stick figures, but i hate this movie!

Not funny

Nothing particularly amusing or inspired by this movie. I'm not really a fan of stick figure movies unless they are particularly entertaining or do something inspired to set them apart, and this unfortunately did neither.

It was some stick violence with a vaguely sports related theme. In your description you say its why England never win in the Olympics. Firstly, they never win because it is Great Britain that competes, not just England, and surely if they were to enter people with such great hammertoss and javelin skills as that we'd clean up at the Olympics?