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Above Me

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I missed halloween but I didn't want to give up on this project.
So I guess I can say that this is the first animation that I have done that I'm willing to show... bummer.

Anywho for those who like Youtube better:

P.S. there are some lazy scenes
but 'kay whateves hate or not I did my best.

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Woah heheh

Damn jumpscares :P

Wow, Amazing!
I guess you really love anime, don't you?
Even your art is fantastic!
Well done!
Hope to see more of you! ^_^

dominiichan responds:

yes I love anime X3

Very well drawn and animated, and actually made me jump at the end.

dominiichan responds:

haha gotcha... sorry...
thanks by the way XD

Hey, this is actually pretty good for a first-timer! Keep it up!

dominiichan responds:


Great animation. Loved the lighting effects and the shadows and everything. I hope to see more of your videos in the future.

dominiichan responds: