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Best Sequence Execution Version 5 Round 1.

Song : DJ Pon-3 - KYO

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Youtube Version Got Cutoff music

This was a amazing movie it was really well done! The music went pretty well with the movie, i dont like dubstep but it seemed to fit. It think next time you should have the other stick figure have a power of some sort like the jet pack guy. It would be awesome to have a huge fight scene

This was AMAZING. Hands down the best stick-figure based flash I had seen in a LONG time. I can guarantee you that! It had it all. Violence, amazing hard-styled techno music, and an awesome fight scene. I really hope that this movie gets a portal award or something!

There is really nothing negative to say, or to improve with this flash. It's hands down amazing and perfect in every way.

Keep up the great work, I cannot wait to see more!



This started pretty well. A dude with a home made rocket tests it by jumping off a tall building. That's a pretty good story, whether he learns to fly or ends up as a big hole in the ground.

But then he decides to whale on some hapless passerby. WTF? Most fight movies at least try to justify themselves, by having the underdog win, or it's some sort of staged fight, or the loser is painted as 'bad'. This is just pointless glorification of violence. The other guy doesn't even try to fight back!

You've got the animation skills. This could have been something so much better.