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The Insane Chainsaw

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Its about a mistreated chainsaw that gets struck by lightning and comes to life, and BOY is he PISSED!! He decides to take his anger out on all humanity.

2004 Edit:
Wow. I haven't been to this site in so long. I used to practically live here. I made this five years ago, and no. there isn't going to be a sequel! Although I have to say, it is kinda cool to have done something which has recieved over 150,000 views (even if that something happens to be...well this piece of shit) I love reading the reviews of this, it seems to be very much a love it/hate it type of thing!

Insane Chainsaw trivia: This was movie #100 to be uploaded to the newgrounds portal. And that was back in the old days before it was all automated. It was all done by sending emails to each other.

And yes, I am aware of the fact that I cannot draw or animate. Thank you so much to all of you kind hawk-eyed people who pointed this out to me.

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Oh gosh Hahaa. I remember this. Back in the early 2000s. Back when the net was still young.

Fun times. I really enjoy this and never get tired of watching this. Brings back fond memories of my early days frequenting newgrounds ^^

Badly animated yet pretty badass

some good

so a chainsaw comes to life
with only the desire to kill humans

it is actually quite a good movie

i like that the chainsaw chased that mugger purely for the thrill of the hunt and killed the person who asked for him to be chased soon after

bringing those other tools to life
either intentionally or by happy accident was a nice idea

Silly story but still entertaining

Haha ok so i got a few laughs out of this its pretty silly with the "STORY" but thats the best part about flash you can make just about anything and with a "CHAINSAW" you brang it to life wich is pretty cool, and i love the effort you put into this on taking the chainsaw into differant scnes and really just pushing the story, now take into hand it is a silly one i still enjoyed it, seems like it went on too long, but was entertaining for the mostpart, So with this you presented a good story, fun adventure and some good "SOUND/FX" all pretty good i thought, as for making things better maybe make the story somewhat shorter but not by much, Anyways decent flash here i enjoyed it.

So the story seemed to drag on a bit, maybe shortening it somewhat would be a start, i did find this to be a pretty good story though.

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2.91 / 5.00

May 4, 2000
6:21 PM EDT