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I got bored and made Snake. Then I got more bored and made Snake slightly better :P

(You may need to Shift+F5 to see changes)
- increased speed, visual effects, and warn/pause when the game loses focus
- added difficulty ramp, every part you collect increases the game speed. Also updated some visual/particle stuff
- updated visuals again and added high score table. Also increased size, number of parts on screen, and starting speed
- Fixed a bug in which your score would not be posted if you somehow managed to win
- Made the UI bigger to fix issues people were having with things being too slow
- Fixed many bugs and added a score in the upper left
- More bug fixes
- Movement bug fixes (finally)

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It's okay I guess. Pretty simple, not as many modern twists as you claim there are. The music and effects are nice but in the end the only difference is the speed, the time bonus, and the multiple collectibles rather than just one. One issue I see with this is that you could hypothetically get a higher score by stalling, since you get points just for surviving. It would be slower, but it would be a surefire way to get into the hall of fame.

This definitely needs more. The most obvious change I can think of is to have more objects on the screen - enemies, powerups, obstacles, etc.

pressing a button opposite to the direction you are going (ex. pressing left while going to the right) makes you to lose

egg82 responds:

Yes, the Nokia version also has that which is why I left it in as a feature rather than a bug. There are a few design choices I wouldn't have made but did because it's a "clone"

As basic of a game it is, it's good for a run or two, the camera-shakes, explosions and music was enough to keep me enthralled.

Good game but just like old games
But i liked the music

I liked this game. Sure, it's just snake, but it's relaxing to play, and I experienced no lag or weird explosions. I'm going to play it again now!

egg82 responds:

Thanks for the kind review. I'm with you on the "no lag or weird explosions" - I've played this game quite a lot by now and I still haven't been able to reproduce any of the issues i've been hearing about O.o

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2013
5:37 PM EST