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Bear Escape

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Afternoon in the woods was a really nice idea. But, suddenly the night came and you knew this isn't going to be good. A loud roar confirmed that feeling. It's owner? A big bear! After meeting its eyes the chase began. By sheer luck you found an old cabin, entered, closed and blocked the door. But the bear doesn't seem too keen to leave. It's waiting for you outside.

Use your wit and explore the cabin, and just maybe you can escape and return to the civilization.

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Pretty good. I like how the person makes use of things inside the cabin in order to deal with the bear, but one thing kinda irks me: Who in their right mind would hide a gun and key to the bathroom with such convoluted puzzles? They're in a cabin in the woods! The key to the bathroom didn't need to be hidden like that (especially if one of the people living there had an urgent need to use the bathroom) and the gun could've been hidden inside a gun cabinet that required a key to open. Other than that, you've done a pretty good job of creating a game, so congratulations.

Kind of lame that you can't shoot the bear, but you can't leave without a gun and ammunition. What kind of retarded thinking is that?

For those wondering, you can't jump out the window until you have a gun with ammo, so you have to get it.

Combining antlers to get the planks from the window... come on. This felt like the game was cobbled together or some sloppy shit. Good graphics as usual, but this was sort of a Jolly Games where escaping makes no fucking sense.

yay, now that I can play your stuff again, it
s so much fun! I missed these, PS!

What about alternate endings? Shot the bear, put it sleep or call a deer with the horn for an epic battle!!!

Graphic inside the house was nice. However, I do agree with some of the comments below. First, why we had to get the rifle and bullets if they were of no use in this game. Second, the planks seemed to fit well with the broken ladder, but they were used for other purpose. e.e