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Crimson Eve

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Search around and find clues that will lead you to your brother's murderer. Simple point and click! Thanks!

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The music is great, but the track is way too short, so it loops constantly. The art was great as usual. The story and gameplay, though, were not good.
Let's start with the gameplay. The puzzles were very simple, though I did like the one wth the reflection on the shield. I like how you actually used a cool detail there that forced you to pay attention. The rest, though, was very simple or infuriating. Like the bricks, which were straight up invisible. That was such a random little thing. There were other places where the bricks showed like that and I tried clicking around on the fireplace in my desperation, but I had to look up the walkthrough.
Next, we have the story. An unconnected mess. There's things around like the crestlocm and the bear pelt, which suggest something to do with the family, and that the brother was foing something strange. But in the end, psych! It's some random guy who we'd never seen or heard about before. And all the strange items in the cabin related to the family had nothing to do with naything apparently. Maybe they were random Easter eggs, I don't know. I like to analyze clues and try to piece the story together, not have trivial Easter eggs confuse me. And just as a cherry on top, we have the sister-in-law. She is scantily clad for no reason and looks very cheaply done, not to mention she's completely unburdened by the tragic death of her former husband (I get she'd want to see him, but still), and is just an exposition machine. Not to mention that random guy at the beginning who says man a lot and serves no other purpose tha to weirdly clue us in, because the game thrusts you right into the story. And he's just there, in an undefined place.
The writing had potential, I liked the maim character, he seemed to be very melancholic, with his rhymes and pessimistic remarks. A sort of "this place is awful and there's nothing to do but go with it" character. However, his rhymes were inconsistent, so they felt like a gimmick that was sometimes just given up on.
The music was nice, but a very short track, so it just restarted constantly.
The art, however, was beautiful, I loved the world of pumpkins and strange creatures. The idea of these guys having a proud family history and of the land being barren and melancholic was really cool. Great atmosphere.
Overall it had the art and probably one of the coolest worlds you have created, but the execution really was disappointing.
Perhaps someday you could remake this, with a better, longer story, better puzzles, etc.

crimson eve


I'm guessing the drag queen lighter is a reference to the queen of hearts, who is really a dude, in the Alice Is Dead series. I love how all your games have a reference to Alice Is Dead somewhere in them! I give this 4.5 stars.

Hyptosis responds:

You are right! :D

My one complaint is that I wish this game had been longer. It would've been nice to do some more exploring.

Also, what's the main character's name?