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Something a little older but just got around to getting some music to it. I realize I might have a few oops spots, but the next work I make will incorporate what I have learned up until now.

Thanks for watching, and all the constructive feedback.

Possible part 2? LMK?!

Special thanks to Newgrounds Member, Cacola for the music!

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I loved the sound design used for this movie because the music used is perfectly suitable for the soundtrack of a horror movie.

The drawings were a bit crude for my own personal tastes but we all gotta start somewhere.

I got a sense of danger from the combined visuals and sound.

I noticed that you used a lot of motion tweens and shape tweens.

Try mixing in a little bit more frame by frame animation in future movies as well.

You show a lot of potential so far.

Make more movies and upload.

- Mightydein

Ignore cerealcreeper. He's clearly never heard of ambient music before.

not bad,but the music is horrible

The music matched great, better then I thought it would! this turned out awesome!

Music was nice, and story line was interesting. I would strongly suggest looking more into line drawing and focus on learning to draw better lines - the thick lined art style makes the whole thing feel childish. Are you drawing with a mouse? That can be REALLY difficult, and if so I would suggest looking into a tablet that has touch sensitivity. I know telling someone to buy better tools isn't really prime advice, but it'll truly help in the long run! Also, adding some squash and stretch and more animation/life to your character and objects rather than just straight forward movements and occasional rotations will really help bring everything to life. Your work most definitely has potential - it'll just take some hard work and practice to clean everything up.
So yeah - my suggestion would be to spend some time learning to work with thinner/more varied lines and with more "life" in movement (squash, stretch, semi-realistic physics, etc)

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3.18 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2013
12:09 AM EST