Deadly Space Action #21

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LeMarion's war efforts grind to a halt when Crystal Empress Ashley holds his parents as hostages.

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Woo, another fun episode! Intense as always, full of comedy, drama and light tension. Since I realized all voice acting is the same person I'm watching this in a new way too... paying way more attention to voices than before. Wonder which filters are used to make them all unique, hmm. Looking forward to the next episode!


Fantastic! I loved the "surprise invasion" at the end. Keep 'em coming!

I've grown to really like this series.
Everything is smooth flowing and well done.
The audio quality and mix is pretty impressive, good stuff!
I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode!
Keep up the great work!

Another fantastiac episode! Seriously dude, your stuff should be in the top rated of all time. I think the main reason this is so good is because you just keep on giving joke after joke. It's not just random pop culture reference, but stuff that makes sense with what's going on. I love seeing the frustration in every character's eyes. It helps that the animation is so good.

There are just always jokes going on in this. You can always expect the timing to work perfectly. My favorite is probably the bit at the beginning about where they're going to eat. The way everyone comes together is so brilliant. Dang, I am officially a fan of this sweet series. LeMarion really does care about his parents!

Thank you for posting. I've watched a few and I enjoy it and fully support independant animation!!

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4.21 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2013
3:51 PM EST