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Madman Diaries 01

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The Madman Diaries - Good Friends

The intention of this series is to be a sketch show with a different sketch each episode. This series was originally going to be called "Abortion" but since this slightly confused people we changed it. Expect more sketches eventually down the line.

Ever since I watched the fantastic tutorial from Harry Partridge the spark to animate has returned. So, I hope you find my brother and I's shared madness amusing.

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It doesnt matter because the you from another universe is not really "you" anyways, so he is still nothing.

Hell yeah take those bullets you cheating bastard, the wife is next!

Well that was randomly mad and entertaining, nice and somewhat confusing plotline on a dual encounter with two people and their varying responses. Keep it crazy. :P



Wow I haven't seen you since what the last Sunday School episode which was like...2009? Wow anyway in terms of the animation it was impressive to see you change your style in animation. Wasn't as funny as your other work but I do give you props for trying something new. That said I'm so happy you're giving Newgrounds another chance and I hope you stay around. We need some classic icons such as you on here these days.