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Short film animated on paper, composition in AE.
Created in 4 days on a university course called: "Animation in 4 days".

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I liked the dynamics of the animated movement, but disliked the low level of detail. The ending twist was great.

beautifl, engaging, thought-provoking and rumination worthy! niiiice! reminds me of some of the beasts in Daymare Town...3 I think it was. very nice. MORE! wish I could be an animator like this.. but I gotta focus on one thing at a time, and if I focus on too many things I won't get it done, too tired! otherwise shit yeah I would totally do this stuff too. It's my favorite kind of flash, next to stuff like Daymare Town and Submachine. ANd Salad Fingers.

Good work!
I have really enjoyed it especially for the design style.

short and sweet. music fit really well love the didgeridoo!!

Am I the only one that got a Samurai Jack feeling from this? Well done.