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Live Or Undead

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The strange virus suddenly appears and rapidly spread among the human, turn them into the walking dead - ZOMBIE. Only 1 survivor remains, and now, he has to fight against those which used to his friends, his family, his everything. A live or death situation, what will he do?
Shoot down all zombies on sight. Fight for your life or become one of them. Your ammo is limited so use them wisely.

Use W,A,S,D to move, Left Click to Fire, Shift to use Medic Pack and Numeric Button to change weapons

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It gets one star for graphics...
and -4 stars for everything else.

It seems as if you spent a significant amount of time on the art direction, but neglected the game itself.
A) the gun menus sits right on top of the action, obscuring nearly a thrid of the screen. not only is it taking up room, it is literally in the one spot it shouldn't be. sloppy.
B) the action consists of spamming the left mouse button. Nothing else.

What a waste of something that could have been decent

Oh, and the World doesn't need another Zombie shooter... or zombie anything. The genre has been done to death, resurrected, and then had a hole blown in it's skull.

Could have been a great deal better. For some reason, the weapons menu appears right on the play screen and it obscures your view of the game.

I upgraded the default gun completely but still takes 5 shots to kill the starting zombies and it still says i need to upgrade even though i bought them. This game doesnt feel anywhere close to finish.

idk why but the game screen looks way out of frameset.
anyways, talking about the game, it looks a bit unpolished.
controls seem to be too rigid rather than smooth. the design and animation is good.
however, i found a few bugs here and there. most noticeable being that automatic guns like Uzi aren't automatic at all. you have to click each time to fire a single bullet which is annoying.
Overall, I still feel like it's an unfinished project. needs some tweaks here and there and it might become a great game.

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2013
4:25 AM EST