Shinobi Noir Trailer

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Experimental thing using some different animation and drawing things

It was submitted for the machinima film festival and the guy said "make something actiony with NO STORY"

Also I had to make this all from nothing in 3 weeks for this stupid contest so thats why its so -_-

Thanks to Rampager Filarius and Phenomally- I couldnt have gotten it done in time without u guys

so its actiony with no story

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cool but what just hapin is this a bounty or a fare taile

Animation was great, though I have no idea how she got into the building... I see her shoot a zipline, and I hear the zipline.. but I see her doing a front flip. Lol.

And I find the voice for the female ninja really unsuitable, but hey that's just me. Nice job!

Not gonna lie, great stuff. The problems I have though arethese.... First, the male voice is not at all appropriate as it is much louder than the girl's and somewhat distorted at times. Also, if she used her small katana(forgot the name of it) as a zip line, wouldn't she need to hook it down somewhere and somehow first? Which would mean she couldn't be using it for the rest of the video... And that brings me to my next argument, the landing. For the sake of argument, let's say she used a real zip line to get inside the building, she shouldn't waste time retrieving it if she wants to reach her target before it escapes, hence the walking hallway simply doesn't make sense to me at all if she's an assassin. Every time I see an invasion scenario in anime, the invaders are always running in guns blazing, not walking along like it's a stroll in the park.

Lastly, if you didn't get atleast a mention for your project, then those machinima folks are stupid.

Don't take what I said personnaly, I'm no proffessional and I'm not out to shut down new ideas(not a naruto fan btw) like making a modern ninja assassin video like this. I actually find it refreshing and new and fun to watch(despite its almost crippling problems), I give you double thumbs up for it! =D

P.S. I don't know why but I kept hearing the blade theme song in my head from the start of the fighting to the end. xD Am I deranged for thinking that it fits in better than a naruto OP?

Kel-chan responds:

the harpoon katana is retractable- she can shoot it into walls and pull out the blade piton. It doesn't make sense in real life but neither does batman's grapple gun but it functions the same way.

machinima published this on their page and it had a crappy response because it was pretty crappy honestly.

I had about a week to make this for the deadline whereas other people had year. I didn't know about the film festival until the contacted me 2 weeks before.

But this - like most everything are just concept vids, Depending on the response I see what people like and flesh things out more.

Despite the announced lack of story- Hit for lack of Story.

I don't mean to be a jerk, this is definitely on the high end of 3.5 Stars. While seeming completely amateur, it also seems completely Professional. Sorta like the Operation Winback of Anime. I would love to see more of this, preferably with a fully fledged, or hell, even a modicum of a story. I don't even care if the animation quality drops; if you flesh this thing out, I'll think of it as an OVA.

I mean, come on. Harpoon Katanas? Explosive Shuriken? Cool Chicks don't look at Explosions from inside Elevators? Kickass Ninja Chick? Semi-Realistic Martial Arts? Unfair Random Brutality? Amateur Voice Actors that don't grate on the ears? A surprisingly fitting score? Professionally Unprofessional Animation? Art that almost feels completely unique when animated? What's not to love?

Keep up the Good Work, you might have just gained a new fan.

The Man Who Calls Himself Deth

Kel-chan responds:

Thanks for the input

I'm planning on writing out a short story in manga form first and then i'll come back to this project and try to clean it up

That was amazing :0

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Nov 13, 2013
11:51 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 14, 2013