Episode 12 part 1

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The Subspace has taken over all of the World of Trophies. Ed gets really pissed at Mario for "kidnapping" Alphonse, so he kills him. later on, Princess Peach heals Mario and gets kidnapped again. Meanwhile, Proffesor E.Gadd returns in huis "Gameboy Horror" as Mario and
Luigi head to the Temple of Smash ruins to rescue Princess Peach. Also, many new characters are introduced. For example; Ness, Naruto, Prof. E.Gadd, Kamek, Sheik, and Diddy Kong.


Your intro is way too long. It takes up the first 2 minutes of the piece! I'm sure that this is negatively affecting your score. Two minutes of every episode is re-run. Think about it. Do you want to watch the same thing over and over? Neither do your viewers.

AS for the rest of it, sorry, but it's dull. Sprite loops that mimic game moves and stay just a touch longer then they should. Speed things up a bit. Not your framerate, but the action. We don't need to see Luigi walking for 2 seconds when 1 will do. A second is not a lot, but when every charcter stays longer than they should it makes the piece drag, and this drags a lot. :\

Holding your viewer's attention is vital, and this is a struggle in it's current state. :\

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2.17 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2013
9:20 PM EST