Crazy Golf Ish

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Possibly the most gruesome golf inspired game you ever played.

Land your Golf-Ish in the Fish Bowl in as few shots as possible while avoiding deadly traps and other non-lethal obstacles. Flush your fish down the toilet, try not to get him too fat and avoid getting impaled on spikes or sliced in half by the deadly circular saws.

Features 1 and 2 player modes, classic stroke play and skins.

Can you get the top spot on the world-wide score tables?

Click to lock in your shot angle, click again to stop the power bar and take your shot.

View the hole before you take you shot by clicking the View Hole Button. If you want to re-start a hole, click the Give Up button and on the Score Card there is a Retry Hole button!

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Don't be fooled by the graphics, this game is horrible. If you really want a reason to get angry at nothing by all means play, but otherwise don't waste your time.

To the dev: Less ad spam and a preview of the course before teeing off might make it salvageable. Also the fish is way too bouncy. Take that down a notch.

It's alright. Graphics and music are good. It can be hard and frustrating at times but I guess it is meant to be a puzzle as well as flinging a fish around the screen; the bounciest fish I've ever seen might I add :¬)

the mechanics were poor. shooting odd. the hole was odd. the music was alright. but the game itself was boring.

I found this game to be pretty lackluster. The music was insipid, the graphics are bland, there's next to zero art direction, and the tone, while probably aiming for the cutesy-gorey happy tree friends style, just comes across as confused. The gore is not shocking, funny, or really even creative, and the cute touches like toilets for warp zones, and the goal being a fish bowel are beyond cliche.

The gameplay isn't stellar either. Somewhere between Bloons, and Launch The Turtle, with the charm, and addictiveness of neither. Also there are quite a few major flaws, such as stages keeping your last score, instead of your best (making reattempting unappealing), and the fact you can't look ahead so many levels boil down to tedious trial and error.

This held my attention for a few minutes, but I quickly realized I wasn't enjoying this game, I was just kind of following along because there was a goal.


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2.83 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2013
10:11 AM EST
Sports - Golf