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He's me friend

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I created this flash animation for the Albino Blacksheep tournament of flash artists 2013, round 3. The theme was "Different parts making one whole".

I had to include an homage to a famous work of art. I chose "The Scream".

I did not make it to the final.

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Kinda feels like a David Firth movie

Vulgar in some places, creepy as hell in others, with a good surprise ending. All in all, this video kept the viewer just unbalanced enough for the ending to SMACK home and get them to laugh their butts off. The charming British accent accent was definitely a bonus, without a doubt and-
Wha- what was that?
N-no, I don't want to!
Go away, I'm trying to review!

It looked boring at first - like something out of Salad Fingers - illustration and talk without any clue as to what is going on - then we get something of substance; I was impressed by the humor and the low brow craziness going on here. There was a lot of immature crap thrown into pull us away from what was really going on - great work - I've never seen this done in other animations before.

Did anyone notice the blood on that piano's leg?