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Doodle Chicks

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Little girl trapped in her dream. There monsters lives. Run to the door to be saved.

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The controls are ugh. Gameplay's meh. Music's good.

Avoiding those monsters wasn't as easy as it seems, they're all over the place, hard to outrun, hard to trap... feels like a lot of levels would've been a bit more fun if they were slower or... not there... or maybe just didn't follow you. I love the playability otherwise, simple obstacle physics, rewards, keys, doors to exit, simple fun. Keep up the good work!


I have to echo the complaints already mentioned: This could be a fun, odd little platformer but the controls are TERRIBLE. If the slow, sliding movement that lags in response is part of the challenge then vastly improve her jumping skills or vice versa; fix the movement but leave the clunky jump. Both together make for very brief game play.

AntonBel responds:

So little challenge and so big anger.

This would be a great little game if it weren't for the incredibly clunky controls. Raising the difficulty by making the controls slow and non-responsive does not make for a fun game.

The premise is good. The graphics are ok. The gameplay needs help. She can't jump worth a darn. Even the small jumps she barely makes. SHe's also very slow, especially compared to the monster. One is avoidable, but two make the level a pain in the ass. :\