School Jammers

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It's a Windjammers-like game.

Kids play with a frisbee in a volley-ball/handball mix. Something like that.

There's a simple CPU mode but it's a game meant to be played against another human.


You hit the goal (it's the far-left and far-right zones), you mark 3 points.

You toss the disk and your adversary don't catch it, you mark 2 points.

At 11 points, you win a round.

A 2 rounds, you win the game.


Player 1 :
* W/Z Q/A S D : movement / throw direction / menu cursors
* T : throw / charging / ok
* Y : toss / dash

Player 2 :
* Up Left Down Right : movement / throw direction / menu cursors
* O/Numpad 7 : throw / charging / ok
* P/Numpad 8 : toss / dash


If the disk speed is too high, you can be stunned.

If you charge your throw before receiving a toss, you execute a power throw.

If you charge your throw before receiving a power throw, you counter it.


Entry for Game Boy Jam 2 and One Game A Month June 2013. Yeah, in November.

Source code and assets are here : https://github.com/Nekith/SchoolJammers



I just dont like it. Terrible boring, the controls are awful and unresponsive. Just...no.

I really like the idea of a game that is neither based on killing your opponent, nor a real sport, because it's just refreshing to be reminded that games don't have to rely on that to be fun. however I have no one to play this with, and even if i did, i'd be hard pressed to convince them to play a flash game with me. I believe that flash portals are not the greatest place for multiplayer games sadly. I would like to see more games like this, however they'd only work here if they had a good single player mode, with fun AI to fight.

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Nekith responds:

Yeah, that's what I think too, but I realize that too late, I already wanted to finish the game.
I coded the CPU for this reason but I know that's not enough.
I'll do better the next time, maybe with a special single player mode.

Thanks a lot for your comment anyway. Solid, very helpful. Have a nice day !

looks good

Meh.could have a pause button,and be better.

Nekith responds:

The game pauses if it loses focus. Like if you click elsewhere it should work.

I don't like this game but with two players, this game is maybe funny !

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2.95 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2013
3:15 PM EST
Sports - Other