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Ancient Cosmos

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Follows an abducted victim and the scientist who abducted him. Check out my youtube if you like http://www.youtube.com/user/SpaceFader

Forgot to write this when I first posted Music by James Quick.

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Sh*t was really good. The pixelated look with the color choices really made it look like an old dos game, but looking more alive because it moves more, even with the eye twitching and stuff.

Also really had one really creeped up moment, (and I've seen nasty sh*t on the internet). And that was the drill in the head part. I saw the the drill going to the head, and I felt kinda invested to hope that wouldn't happen. And I went: ahw f*ck, he did, that's fucked up! So I'm gonna tell ya your a dick for that, but well done nonetheless :p

Um... The Pixel animation was nice?

after watching this I almost threw up. completely disgusting. NO STARS!

spacefader responds:

Ha ha ha, nice, desired response finally achieved. Thank you Satan!

Loved it. Loved every minute of it. Watched it roughly three times now and I'm still hooked just because of the ambiguity of it. It's randomness makes it perfect, yet odd. Best of all not a single word was spoken through the whole thing, and I can tell a lot of thought went into it.

The ending was clever, and I didn't really see it coming.

I have just one question...what's this song called?

spacefader responds:

Thanks alot! The music was created by a friend of mine. Its not commercial but inspired by a lot of old horror movie scores.

This has to be the mother of all randomness, what's the point in this?
Love the details.

spacefader responds:

Ah just to amuse me and my friends...and expose the truth #chemtrails

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4.65 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2013
5:42 AM EST