Abyssal Gladiators

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Fight by matching combinations of magical gems, and prove, that you deserve to become the most skillful warrior of UnderWater. 10 dynamic skirmishes against threatening nagas from Ancient Abyss aren't an easy trial, and only the magic of ancient runes could help to pass down all the trials.

On straight! For victory!

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Kick ass puzzles and over all the game is fun and time killer..

Fun game that was engaging enough for me to stick it out to the end.

Pros: great graphics, smooth interface

Cons: Having a different icon for each opponent would have gone a long way to making the levels seem different.
This suffers from the same problem many games in this genre do, in that it seems the AI is aware of what tiles are coming next and plans accordingly. This is especially true of the later levels where the AI seems to get long running combos that can almost wipe you out in a single round.

I like the concept, but the game is really missing some basic things, and is really cheap in certain ways. With a game like this, you should be able to combo and get 4 in a row, but that doesn't happen in this game. If the icons other than the octopus have a purpose, the game doesn't give you a heads of up what they are.

A few times, the game didn't register the move I was trying to make, instead making a different move. One time, this cost me the match through a really improbable string where I went from leading a lot, to not getting another move because the AI opponent got more than 10 moves in a row, even when he didn't match 4 in a row. It just seemed so arbitrary.

This could be a pretty good match game, but it needs some tweaks.

Nice concept,the music is excellent and the graphics too.A bit difficult in the last levels but enjoyable anyway.

pretty good, needs a little work. addicting as match 3 or more usually are. :D

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4.28 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2013
3:21 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding