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Author Comments

This was a quick game made in 2 days for a game jam, so please excuse any bugs and lack of audio/music. I'll add those elements and fix bugs after the contest is over.

Click to fire smart bomb.
Destroying green planets gives you faster smart bombs.
Destroying red planets gives you more smart bombs
Destroy multiple planets/missiles with one smart bomb and you get a multiplier.

Green and Red planets are finite, so you need to be accurate and maximize multipliers to get the highest score.

Highest score i've seen is 1300. good luck.

** have upgraded the game with many of the features that I didn't have in at completion of the game jam.

High scores
New explosion particle effects for smart bombs
Secondary explosions now kill planets/missiles as well
play again button to avoid going back to main menu
sound effects

Will update more when I have some time. I think some of the suggestions like bosses and a quick tutorial are near the top of the list.


i think this is great for a game jam! its a very interesting idea to limit the planets! although by this point i doubt that you care much about debugging it, i found that if you click on the missiles it actually won't shoot a smart bomb, which has killed me a couple times lol.

PrototypicalMonkeys responds:

Haha, sorry about that. Will fix this for the update. sorry about that. *update, have this fixed now, so when I update this will no longer be an issue.

nice little game for a Jam. Shame there is no music/sound but as it is, it's a good game. The idea of the finite planets is pretty good. Keeps the games short but get people to try again.
Would be interesting to see this more fleshed out.

PrototypicalMonkeys responds:

Yes, I am going to improve it a little with some music, high scores, bug fixes, and a couple ideas I had, but didn't have time for in the jam.


PrototypicalMonkeys responds:

Thanks! that's the response I was looking for!

Not a bad little game for two days worth of work. Sound effects and some interesting music will definitely add to the experience. Since the game is really short, I'd recommend adding a feature to allow the player to restart the game instantly from the "Game Over" scene by hitting some key. People are generally impatient and don't like to have to wait even 2 or 3 seconds to restart a game when it ends very quickly such as this one. Good job.

PrototypicalMonkeys responds:

Great feedback on the quick restart. I might add a few quick achievements too, to give players something to complete.

Good idea for a game,but not good results,with improvments it can be good game like :

In-Game tutorial,because not everyone reads the description
More enemy ships
Boss fights (and idea for boss fights - the boss wil send on the planet ships instead attacking)
Difficulty settings
Asteroids what will fall to the planet

And many other things what can make this game better.

PrototypicalMonkeys responds:

Great feedback, and I did have a few of these things on my list, but ran out of time for the game jam.

I might add some hard to hit enemy ships and I like your asteroids idea. Maybe have them create another explosion so they have another level of strategy.

As far as upgrades, I have the speed and the amount of smarties, but I did have on my list an upgrade that increased the size of the explosions. So I might add that as well.

I might add a quick tutorial of the meaning of green/red planets and the multipliers.

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Credits & Info

2.64 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2013
8:08 PM EST
Action - Other