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Evangelion: Part 1

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I made this for the sake of making something to do with Evangelion. I tried to improve the graphics from the last time I submitted this (in my opinion, Eva 01 looks much better). Keep in mind that Transformers are more my thing when you watch this. This is basically the launch sequence for Eva 01. I don't know if i'll continue it or not. Enjoy. And if you're a fan of the ending music you may want to stay after the end of the movie.

UPDATE: Someone informed me that there is a spoiler for the series in this. Do not watch unless you've watched the whole series or just don't care about spoilers! Sorry!


*Applause* You did good, but the Evangelion Unit 1 isn't good enough, you're trying, though!

Keep up the hard work!


lol hooray for 2012

hey all!!!

the last review was back in 06? thats just sad, so sad in fact that i'm reviewing it right now! i didn't watch it yet nor will i ever! but now it has a review from 08.

great animation

eva-01 looked pretty great, but it could have been a bit longer dont u think? over all good work


where to start.. the 3rd angel isn't green
ok i know that making a flash of evangelion is hard because the characters themselves are a b*tch to draw (tryed myself)
but you didn't have to copy the whole damn thing
no offence but you need to use your brain alittle, change it around and make it like it, not exactly the same
that aside it wasn't too bad could use more work.
(this is to everyone) don't just sit there for a week or 2 and do an ok one take your time take a month if you have to and make a great one
and everyone here who keeps saying it sucks find the best pic of eva 01 in there then try and draw in photoshop or flash the same pic better if it's better then by all means pay this guy out if not then piss off

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2.26 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2002
9:16 PM EDT
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