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'Instant Noodlecinations'

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This is the microscopic story of Grelk, a hungry tower-headed who finally got enough spoons to exchange for a cup of instant atomic noodles, (the ones that are literally 'instant'), hoping for the greatest possible meal on his planet.

/This was a microscopic LOOP made for the 'Loopdeloop's' bi-monthly contest, this time with the theme of "Hallucinations".

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Imagine if you could using actionscript randomize the color of that main character so that each time the animation loops it appears like it's actually a different person ready to consume those noodles. :) This was an awesome animation, quick, fluid and just geniusly done. Not very spooky but it is pretty Halloween-befitting. Keep up the great work!


Butzbo responds:

Heh, that's a cool idea, it's also one thing that would certainly make a great reason to keep sticking to flash instead of regular video for more unexpected animations.
Heh, I had it finished around Halloween, but I guess It could've been a bit spookier to fit the theme, hahah.

Animation was... different, not in a bad way. However the foley work here stands out more than the animation does, great work/find in the department. Also, now I want a cup-o-noodle something fierce!

Butzbo responds:

Hah, on this case the sound aspects were some sort of "chiptune"/noodle-sounds mixing experiment, so atleast is great to know it went alright!
I still have to agree; while still relatively 'complex', the visuals could have got a little more going on, considering the 'trippy' theme.

Ah yes the competition for that one was something else!
Are the result out already?

Butzbo responds:

Hah. yes, so many creative perspectives turned into trippy loops!
This one did alright with scores, but he 'main' winner this time was great, one of my favourites!

I know I say this every time, but I love your drawing style...the "liquid" quality of your lines and movements is very unique and I think you utilized your style well here by have a hallucination theme. Excellent work! Made me smile and laugh :)

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Bigfoot, always superb to know :D

hahaha nice!! i like it