The Lumbering Dead

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Jim's hobbies include: chopping wood; eating his lunch; long walks by the sea; braiding pine cones into his beard and singing to his prized petunias... Now he's got a new hobby... (No, it's not skipping)

Help Jim to survive against the hoards of undead using anything at his disposal.

Complete objectives to progress to the next level.
Get big kill streaks to deal extra damage.
Kill special infected for bonus points.
Slaughter zombies over four different levels.
Upgrade your weapons to increase the carnage.

- ‘Arrows’ to move,
- ‘Space bar’ to shoot,
- ‘R’ to reload,
- ‘F’ for melee,
- ‘G’ to throw/set explosive,
- ‘E’ for action,
- ‘Q’ to throw object,
- ‘A’ to switch weapons,
- ‘D’ to switch explosives,

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takes too long to go through the tutorial, and too many buttons too remember. good game and graphics and idea but bad time managment and small memorizing cap

bad game

Yo mama

its a great game it a lot of fun an it looks great the controls work quite smoothly while playing but theres a great! amount of bugs some minor and some big glitches like the mouse point disapearing in the ingame menu and the game lagging badly when playing it for a longer time at one point i couldent even move and had to reset wich wouldent be to bad..... but! it saved that i reached lvl 2 but i lost all of the upgrades to my weapons health and grenades wich took a long time to get now i dont know if this is supost to happen when you reset the game or if its another bug but eighter way now i dont whant to keep playing the game because its to much of a pain to have to upgrade everything from scratch every time you get back to the game if this could be fixed id be happy to give the game another go from scratch "note that i dont delete cookies so that couldent be the problem" and 1 more bug i wil list is that the text has weird names lik ej#89 for mission objetives but i belive that has already been mentioned


Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2013
1:01 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun