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How To Fight: Birth of th

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The origin of this generations greatest hero. The Pickle Dipper.

Bad ass animated fighting ensues.....

You're my heroes-

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Pickle dipper vs batman? lol great animation though what did he do to hot dog sales man?..


a bag of hoarding, because i misspelled holding.

this one was dumb alot dumber than the other ones sorry man but its true

When i was looking at this and i was laughting and thinking WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON XD

My weapon of choice against the pickle dipper... The Chilly Dilly. That's right fight fire with fire. Or in this case pickle with pickle-on-a-stick-that-has-been-chilled-to-unfathomable-levels-of-cold. Not frozen, just damn cold.

What? You have never heard of a chilly dilly? Have you not been to a Ren faire? It was the major food staple in the Renaissance period. Jeez!