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The Imaginary Friend

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This is a halloween special I did. It's not horror, but more like dark comedy. I feel for my characters, so you can imagine how much that imaginary friend did my head in while animating this.

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created & animated by Danny Lesco

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Goodbye for now! :)

*Edit* Wow thanks for the frontpage and the awesome score, you guys have made me a happy halloween with such a positive feedback. NEWGROUNDS ROCKS. :D

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Hey Mister What the do friends robot :D


I was a little negative about "unexpected fishing" but because of your reaction i came here. I did enjoy some of the humor in this one, animations are fresh.

MisterHerbal responds:

Thanks for giving me another chance my friend! haha :) glad you enjoyed it and feel free to say whatever you want on my cartoons. I'm open for opinions and criticism.

I love the toon!
Its style of art is very unique and the idea is fascinating.
I just keep asking myself if he ever talked to his imaginary friend. - That's supposed to help in some cases.

Imaginary Friends cannot have true adventures unless you draw them to you.
Think about Jim Davis creating Garfield. Suddenly he was popular, getting a good income, national popularity, and that was when the Imaginary Garfield Cat locked the handcuffs around Jim Davis's ankle.
Chained to create more strips or starve. Chained to continue pushing forth the increasingly dull adventures of the Imaginary Cat until his dying day. Seven days per week trying to churn out another 3 panel joke of at least equal quality of the previous day's joke panels.

That is another meaning in the strip. You may create the shape & substance of the Imaginary Friend, but once you get popular, you become its slave until your dying day. Depending on the popularity of the Imaginary Friend, it may long outlast you as Superman has its creators, thrown from artist to artist to persist its existence while wringing out every last ounce of creativity from the current hosts illustrating & writing for itself.

Sleep well.

MisterHerbal responds:

This is one of the best posts I've read so far.

I can't not agree with you. I've been in a similar situation locally. I had this viral character that was shown in 75% of the population's monitor. I spent the next 6 years every day working on him, not expanding creatively in other aspects. Don't get me wrong, I loved the character, and still do, he's a part of me that I will never forget, but I found myself later on that I was doing it more for the success it made, holding to it as much as I can.

Why? Because in those 6 years that became a part of who I am, if not, my whole identity. It was hard to kiss goodbye all of it and start from scratch just so I can do what I really want and expand to a vast audience. I'm still in the process ofcourse. Still transitioning from my old imaginary friend and finding new ones.

Pity that most successful imaginary friends are the consistent ones, rather than the random ones that always keep changing.

Anyway, If I had the money, I'd pay you to start commenting on my videos.

Have a good one, sir.