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The Hallo-Weenies Part 1

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Hey Guys,It's Billy here with a brand spanking new episode of Billys Toon Times!
Yes,I know you have been waiting months for this new episode,So have I!
Sadly though,It is only the first part as I have still to complete the second part which has another two minutes to go.
I hope you can wait a bit longer.
Anyway,I really hope you guys enjoyed this episode! I would really appreciate it if you liked,commented,favorited and subscribed....I will not stop animating as long as you guys support me in my work.

Creator of Billys Toon Times [c] Billy Crinion
Writer/Director: Billy Crinion
Animator/Background artist/Audio editor: Billy Crinion

Voice actors:
Billy: Billy Crinion as Deadpool and his thoughts
Shane: Shane Campbell (Known on Youtube as Shane Playz Gamez) as Himself
Philip: Philip McEvoy as Batman
Gavin: Gavin Thomas as The ODST
Adam: Adam Crinion as Iron-Man

Intro Music: Little Talks [c] Monsters of Men

Thank you so much for watching and hope you enjoyed!

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Amazing! Edd would of thought this was EDDcelent! :)

This is good, very good. However, there were some faults in this, (no offence). The theme song, like Gunboy said, didn't have much to offer, and you shouldn't have used copyrighted music. The voice acting was good, but it had poor mic quality. Second, I think you need some work with character animation, but you're still really, really good, (even better than me). You should use a lot less tweening, and really use it when it's an advantage, like that car window opening animation needed work. Third, the plot was wobbly. It was funny at times, but it seems too similar to Eddsworld, and it was unfollowable at times. But, as I said earlier, you are very talented, and you show future promise. :)

For starters, I thought the video was alright itself. But I gotta run down some stuff which I think ruined the animation. I'll start off with the intro.
The intro was, in my opinion, didn't have much to offer. It was just some music with some character stills being moved onto the screen. Also if you're uploading this to YouTube, you're gonna have to change the intro theme, incase you wanna make some money off of this/not get a copyright strike (which is unlikely to happen). Also, the art you did for the title card was decent, so I have nothing to say about that. The glow on the "Hallo-weenies" text did however peeve me, but not gonna stop you from doing that.
Onto the episode!
The start of the episode, seemed so much like the opening to the Eddsworld animation, "21ft Under The Sea". And how the car window closes up is really cheap. If you wanna do something like that, make the window square, get a masking layer on top of the window layer, tween the mask up, and it'll make it better. But I can tell the background art is really good. Also, dude. I know there was a lot of work into this, but you have to do more with your character animation, and not tween them. It'll make the cartoon look cheap. The voice acting could've done better. The guys who did the voices here did do good acting, but however. You gotta remove the background noise (Audacity, Noise Removal). You could have done more with Billy's arms moving out (where he says "you ready to have the best halloween ever"), and the eyes could have opened more smoothly if you added some inbetweens. Where Shane turns around and goes WOAH, you could have made improvements to the turn, to make it smoother. And the tweening. God. The tweening. And as fromTerrace said, try to have a more followable plot, and not just random.

ratings (out of 10):
Animation: 6/10
Art: 7/10
Story: 5/10

Overall: 18/30

I would have given you 7 in animation, if it weren't for the amounts of tweening, but yeah. Good luck on the next part, Billy. Also, look up Ricepirate's video called "How to Make an Audition-Quality Home Recording Studio like you Robbed an Airport Baggage Claim".


There is a lot of work and effort put into this.

It doesn't add up to something worthy of a mas audience though, and will probably be heavily critisied.

it's good. i liked the art work, it was well drawn.

Things I didn't like:

avoid tweening unless you can make it unnoticable.
try not to yell into mics, it causes clipping
when voice acting, be sure everyone has the same ambient noise in the background or else one voice sounds like its in one environment and the other voice is somewhere else.

Try to have a plot that is followable, and not just random. It seemed random.