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Jeremy the awful criminal

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Author Comments

Jeremy is the worst criminal in the world. He just is rubbish at being a criminal, and should become a grocer.
This took me a stupid amount of time to make and I'm sorry about that. I was working on a lot of school work, animated presents, and commissions. Anyway, thank you to everyone involved, and try to enjoy this stupid animation. :D

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Are you 12?

brynimation responds:

Haha, no, I'm actually 14. But when I made this I was 12.

I love this video and your competition entry, I love your style of animating and great story line.

brynimation responds:

Thanks so much for that awesome comment! I really appreciate it! :D

This was really good. Made me laugh. You've definitely earned a follower. :D

brynimation responds:

Really!? Thanks so much!
You've gained 2 billion awesomeness points!

Very impressive, certainly a lot better than I was doing when I was your age.

brynimation responds:

Thanks a lot! That means loads to me.

Nice job dude, you've got some real funny jokes in here. I can definitely tell you're getting better with animation. One thing I'd suggest is to space your inbetween frames farther apart. Right now you have them all on 1s and at 24fps (looks like 24 at least) it can look a little too quick. Next time try putting some of the inbetweens on every other frame (rather than every frame) especially on things like walk cycles and when a character is moving from pose to pose. It might sound a little bit backwards but movements look a lot more fluid on 2s than on 1s. Hope that helps ya on your futurte cartoons. Great job!

brynimation responds:

Thanks for the advice! I'll try to take that into consideration in my next animations.
It means a lot to me that you would take the time to comment on one of my videos, so thank you.