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Face endless waves of zombies. Earn cash to buy upgrades.

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earn cash to buy upgrades and waves of zombies

Your game is somewhat fun, but it is more flawed than anything else. The money system requires you to be getting killstreaks perfectly, which is impossible with the way the zombies speed up. If the zombies are able to outrun you by a killstreak of 3, why isn't running speed an upgrade? Also, it is way too easy to die since there is no invulnerability time after being hit, so 3+ zombies can rush you at once. At the very least you shouldn't have made their explosion radius so big. I don't agree with people saying "its just difficult" because in actuality it is borderline broken.

Here is a game that can frustratingly hard. It is not a game for those who feel as though they shouldn't have to put forth even the tiniest bit of effort in order to succeed. That being said, by about wave 10-12 the difficulty drops off sharply and there is very little challenge left. I got bored at wave twenty with full upgrades and close 9k money.

The graphics are good for what the game was but left much to be desired in variety department. I was a little disappointed that every zombie just exploded and the only variation was one shield holding fellow with an angrier face than the others.

Sound was okay as well, though it became repetitive after a bit.

There is definitely some room for improvement. Consider adding in more upgrades; body armor, different guns, etc. There simply isn't anything to spend money on after you hit wave 10. If you plan on making a sequel, consider adding in some fresh scenery, some new zombie types, and the ability to shoot diagonally.

All in all it was a decent and fun way to kill a little bit of time. Keep at it bruh! :) <3

Made it to wave 10. Game is frustratingly hard. Have a perfect first round (400), upgrade speed and range exclusively and never get hit. Had 1975 and all upgrades by the time I died.

This is a good game. The gun is underpowered because otherwise there would be no challenge.

It is a good game. No showstopping bugs that I saw, excellent pixel art graphics.

i wonder if there's a wave 2

Credits & Info

1.54 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2013
4:58 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed