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Deadly Space Action #18

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Madison is suspected of murder, and Bestus has gone missing, leaving LeMarion, Orton and Saige to investigate. There's not much mystery to this one.

The menu at the end is outdated, so check the links in my profile.

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"I have nightmares where I'm eaten alive by a raccoon, but it has Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face. Is that similar?"

"It's... identical."

I'm starting to get more used to this series. A pity I still can't seem to remember their names. I am glad to be in on this fun. I really like how it's numbered so well. The best part was easily when he brought out the shipping chart. You'd be surprised at how many of those you can find. This was just done really well.

I appreciate the good animation. It liked how you said this would in fact be continued by the end. You really need to change that menu. My favorite character is probably the girl. Yeah, it's embarrassing not knowing the names.

Woo, another crazy episode! :D Nice twist with the detective drama in this one, feels like a much more extensive episode than the usual in its lack of complete randomness and hopping plotline. Keep up the great work!


like me XD voice actor here diening of joblessness -_-

seriously dude let other people help you