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Now I know what you're thinking, WHAT NO GAME pt 2? Well yes and no. The remainder of episode 1 is being animated as we speak so I can't do much with that until it's done. However this is a series that I'm working on while GAME ep 1 is being finished.

Here's the plot:
Dragon Claw a series about a Guild of Knight's given up by their parents to fight for the dragon ranks at age 16, only few children get these rights
every 40 or so years.
When they are taken in they are trained by Master Scales to use the powers of dragons to their advantage.
Every child has their power selected based on personality and strengths/weaknesses and
once selected they undergo a ritual in which they have to confront and defeat a dragon of the power they will learn, if the children are slain
then a new child is selected (many fail) only few get to succeed but they earn an honour sought out by all. The children selected must
bear something in mind, the Dragon Claw guild is targeted by anything and everything evil. Reason for the is because their powers can be
claimed for evil and used to destroy every guild in their home town in which they were raised. Every Dragon Warrior is in danger always.
This is the trails they will have to endure in order to become heroes of their land.

So I'm one of the writers for this project, I just would like to point out that this isn't a series that will replace GAME, it's just something I'll be doing on the side. Hope you enjoy it


Wuuuuut... the fuck?!

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Oct 29, 2013
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