Old Man Runner!

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Arrow Left: Slow
Arrow Rigth: Go Faster
Arrou up ou space: Jump


My general overview of the game:
This game is really challenging, but honestly, IT IS TOO HARD. Games SHOULD get progressively more and more difficult, and not extreme difficulty at the start. Also, there seems to be a lack of effort put into the interface. Furthermore, the background and the platforms are basically random shapes, and the title screen is basically only all of the characters in the game copied and pasted onto a white background. There is NO creativity there at all!

What I liked:

*The characters are well designed, and have some basic actions such as shooting and moving.
*There is actually a title screen
*There is more than one way of dying.
* It is not too easy
* It is very user-friendly with only a few controls

What I didn't like:

* There is no pausing the game.
* The button is made to look three dimensional, yet it does not move which irritates me, and it is harder to tell whether or not it is a button. (If you have no common sense, and a lack of common sense is very common in our society today.
* The art is basically just random shapes, which only appeals to a small group of people.
* The game has no plot.
* The characters have no animation at all. (The game is called old man runner, but I don't see the old man running :P)

From my perspective, you are on the right track, but this game needs more time, effort, and people working on it for it to be worth playing.

I'm not a fan of this game for multiple reasons. Even though its a basic run and jump over shit game it still has flaws or things not needed like the slow down option. It's very clunky and unnatural and the speed up button is like your going into the hyper-zone.

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2.78 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2013
4:30 PM EDT
Skill - Other