Orange Cowboy

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Orange Cowboy is a free online shooting platform game. Where you have to kill all the bettles and collect all the valuable items to collect the money and reach the hi-score and compete with your friends. Enjoy this various level free online game.


this game sucks!!

Those blocks are WAY too slippery.

Cons: The movement system feels pretty wonky and the death-sound scared the crap out of me.

Pros: The design is nice.

So many things wrong with this game. the hi score is cumulative so I dont even have to be good at the game to get a good score simply just play more than someone else wants to play. Sketchy movement and the jumping off walls even when you dont want to make the game really hard. You dont get points for shooting the baddys only stomping them. These are just a few of the things wrong with this game. The worst thing by far is the hidden redirect on the play again button. I play games on Newgrounds for a reason I dont know your site, I dont like your site, and I dont want to be tricked into going to it. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM

gameswala responds:

thanks for the points u put bro. in coming games i will surely improve them :)

thisgame is fun but theres a few problems.
1. Need lives instead of starting over each time you die.
2. when i hit replay half the time it opens a new window to the other site this game is on.
3. try to make the squars a little bit bigger than your her, its kinda hard to land accurately when the character slides when he lands instead of stops.

other than that your good as far as i know work out the bugs and this could be a great game for newgrounds.

gameswala responds:

i will do the changes in coming games...

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1.75 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2013
1:01 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun