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A Game with a Kitty 3

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A Game with a Kitty 3 is my first flash platform game. It was made two years ago.

This game is an exploratory platformer where finding new moves or money let's you advance to new areas. There are a lot of secret areas to find. It'll probably take a few hours to finish it completely. The ending depends on the secrets found.


-Arrow keys
-X and C, or J and K, or Shift and Control : Jumping & Action
-Double-tap arrows for running


-Talk to other folks with UP arrow. You can also use save points that way.
-Return to previously visited areas later to maybe find new stuff

I seem to fail at getting the loading screen to work properly. It keeps popping up too late. This is most definitely my fault. Sorry! The game is only about 5MB big, however.

Recent changes:
-Runs at 30 fps instead of 24 fps (24 fps was meant for the Android version)
-Up arrow also continues dialog now

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Having played the 1st Game with a Kitty, I'm astonished.
At first it felt like a ripoff. The town had almost the exact same layout but different dialogs (also, the platform in the upper left is WAY closer now). Now I've played for 2-3 hours and I really like it! Haven't found the charge-skill yet, though!
It would be nice if there was a map available showing off all the coin-locations. I can't find the last coin in the Forest of Happy Dreams!

Very cute, fun platformer with some funny dialogue, pleasant music (though mute options are ALWAYS good) and tons of areas to explore... I'm still in the process of it!

The controls are a bit sticky. Some float on the jump would make a tremendous difference. Also, UP initiates conversation but you have to press "X" to continue and there's an odd lag during it. Nothing major to detract from the playability. Overall, very enjoyable.

origamiherogames responds:

Thanks! I made UP Arrow also continue the dialog boxes. I kind of don't want to touch the jump settings since the game levels are all built around the current jumping mechanic. It might break stuff here and there.

From what I've played so far I like it. Most of the characters have something silly to say, the animation is cute and the music pretty good reminiscent of a good RPG.

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2013
5:47 PM EDT