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The perfect gift for christmas!

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this got me horny when i was 14.

~Ohhhh, your shallalla. Ahhhh, your ding ding dong~

I need that, err, actually, nope, i have a malfunctioning ps2 controller that vibrates a LOT, still haven't found the time to switch it for another one, i put in on port 2 though, i need to use a controller that works if i wanna play the game (and enjoy it too).

i hope da dong has rechargeable batteries, if not i'm not paying for Duracell every now and then.
(love your videos, they always make me smile, even if sometimes it is an awkward smile)

wtf your names true but so fking funny LOL

THAT WAS A DILDO? LOLA VIABRATING DILDO?RLLY? that's just weird but make one where you put the dildo in her butt lol