Winter Jacket

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You seem to be aware that you are wearing your jacket. It's rather quite cold. And your a little confused. What just happened? You were reading just a few minutes ago! This can't be right. Or can it?

About: A little text adventure I made because of the colder weather. Enjoy!


My cat... she tried to kill me... and wished me sweet dreams... JUST WHAT KIND OF CAT DID I BUY!?!?!?!? And NO explanation for how the cat does that?! I must be mad. *looks over at cliff*

xhunterko responds:

A special cat. A very special cat. Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

good game but I kind of wish ther was more than one ending where you dont end up dead

xhunterko responds:

There is! Try again to see what you haven't done before. :) Thanks for playing!

A neat little choose your own adventure.

xhunterko responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

I like these kind of games but there are three problems that I noticed:
Why use javascript to query the user to confirm restart? That should happen in-game, shouldn't it?
There was no use to the Rewind button, and I say that after playing through all possible options.
And finally, it was too short. I'd look forward to play more complex games like this.

xhunterko responds:

The idea was to let people reset in game. But I couldn't figure that out, so I cut it. It was more of a speed thing really. I'll see about fixing it later. The rewind button is supposed to act as a reset as well. What the difference between the two is I dunno. Thanks for giving it a go though!

I died and could not restart. 2 stars only. If it had restarted maybe 3 stars but not worth any more than that.

xhunterko responds:

Sorry about that. Did the restart link on the side bar not work?

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3.19 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2013
4:55 AM EDT
Adventure - Other