Hidden Challenge 4

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Help the lazy cat collect all 125 hidden objects in order to clean the room. The cat threw a party while its owners were away and made quite a mess. Now you need to make the room look like nothing happened. Hurry up and find the items as fast as you can to get a high score in Hidden Challenge 4!


I think there is more challenge in this game compare to other HOG because in this one, you have to count your clicks. The strategy is then interresting. The picture is cute, well drawn.
I am not a fan of music inside a game so no complain here. Well done !

Yes different picture same game. Oh Hum. Please do not tag these games as " adventure". Adventure means exciting, new, this is neither.

it can get very stale very fast, it needs some adventure or excitment about it. also why are we looking for these objects, is there a goal or motivation? i found it very hard to commit to this game because of that. without reading the description i would have never known there was a premise.
maybe some sounds when you hit certain objects? ie tapping glass when picking out shapes in the window, music when hitting the drum etc.
the art is pretty good, i like the cute-ness of the room and style. just needs more engagment

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No music.
No story.
Very repetitive.
You claim this to be a find the OBJECTS game, but clearly you click on SHAPES

Now, hidden object games are interesting when the objects are cleverly integrated into the environment.
But here there's just a bunch of shapes randomly sprinkled on a single image.
When i first saw them i thought that they part of the background, and tried clicking on the shape counter thinking that its a menu filled with a list of objects.
After i started on normal instead of hard and found out that the shapes are clickable,then i restarted on hard and started collecting them all from one corner and really quickly got a game over. Finally the instructions made sense to me.
After clicking the shapes in order of smallest group to largest and won i was given a very boring "Congratulations"
Now, i have no idea what age group you were going for, but i'm pretty sure that everyone who plays this would get really bored really fast.
1 Star for trying. Hope you do better with future projects.

Not bad, but can get boring fast. Music might help, and maybe more story? A reason to play is always nice :)

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3.15 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2013
7:38 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click