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Zombie Goes Up

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Zombies want to get out their graves to say hi. Help them to reach the surface while avoiding all the traps and enemies

Update: Thanks for the frontpage and the Daily 4th Place!

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Phew! Finally beat it, this was a hard one, and also very cool.

I love the retro music and pixelated graphics, the presentation is adorable.

The gameplay has a cool concept behind it. I like these games in which you travel in one direction avoiding obstacles and gathering special tokens, and the stage features present in this game are really cool, with enemies having diverse movement patterns, spikes placed tightly against each other, lava pits, fake checkpoints, creepy giant worms, and all the other stuff. The stages are designed mostly in a fun way, save for a few sections of the last few ones that were a lot more frustrating than fun.

While mostly the game was fun, with the features being put to good use in the stage design, there were more than a handful of outrageously frustrating parts in the last few stages, especially involving having to run away from tightly enclosed minefields, in which a single second spent too close to a mine can lead to total failure. But in the end, that sort of served as a motivation, because these parts pissed me off just enough that I didn't want to give up, and after being frustrated for so long, finally rising from the ground felt like a huge achievement, and a pleasant relief.

Another complaint I have is that the controls are a bit on the stiff side, since not only there's a limit to the zombie's movement angle at about 45 degrees (which makes it hard to get tokens and sometimes to stay away from a mine's range) but it also takes too long for the zombie to steer its movement angle, which makes it almost impossible to do a fast turn when needed.

Overall, very fun for the most part, and even the frustrating parts had the plus side that they made finally finishing a level a lot more gratifying.

nice graphics. cool music. you can tell some time was spent on this. and it is pretty fun