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Author Comments

This is version two. It's much better and I took everyone's input. It also contains a tad bit of story. If the game is more popular than its predecessor then I shall make a full extensive story game.

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i like it :) little to slow on my pc (probably just the pc)

i think you should make the background less loopy
but all in all a nice game.

DarkPrinceVI responds:

Depends how slow? Is it slow slow? or just kinda slow? The game does have a slightly relieved pace.
And the looping of the background is actually an effect to make the room feel larger and somewhat round. :p

I really like the idea of a character that can rotate and fall down in a platformer, and it's something I have thought of as a game idea after forgetting to lock rotation on some of my other platformer games. However, the only fun part of this game really is watching the character wiggle and rotate as you jump around. Platforming in and of itself is not fun (for more than a minute), and failure is especially demoralizing when you have to start all the way over.

That said, there seem to be a number of bug "features" in the game (you can stick to walls if you press into them and jump in mid air if you fall off a ledge. And you can essentially wall jump). They don't really hurt the game but I'm almost certain you didn't really intend for them. You can also get outside the level in level 2.

Lastly...the controls are bad. Enter, Arrow keys, and Space. and mouse. This game is simple enough to allow the player to play with a single hand and yet you require not only both hands, but also for the player to move their hand to and from the mouse (during level select).

Overall, the game mechanic simply needs more to interest or engage players in the game. The game in all areas falls pretty weak, in story, mechanics, controls, overall gameplay, even UI.

DarkPrinceVI responds:

All the bugs you mentioned were things I added on purpose. When my friends and I play, we enjoy using those supposed bugs to our advantage. Though I do understand where you are coming from. As for the rest of your review, I can see where you're coming from, any game can be better, though this one will get better. Right now you have played part one which intruduces platform mechanics, while part 2 will have some more,
but first ill remake part one.

Is the medal broken? I completed all three levels, entered what I supposed would be the final gate... but I'm back at the level selection screen and nothing happens. Bug? Otherwise this game was fun, the brick dynamics are pretty cool, the way you can climb walls and start spinning to gain momentum. Background makes me dizzy though, feels like it's moving too fast. keep it up!


0 points medal? Really?

DarkPrinceVI responds:

Giving it 0 stars for a reason like that is uncalled for. It' a bug and Ill fix it when I can


This game is truly awful.
A complete waste of time for the player.
I "Beat" the game.
so what?

DarkPrinceVI responds:


means part1
you are nowhere near beating my game.