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Turf War

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Dis shit is very intense and I hope you are entertained by this.

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its a rough animation, but the small bit of story you find at the end was actually nice :o

keep up the work and maybe re-make it in the future? might have extra plot to add by then :P

TheRealC-Star responds:

hmmm remaking it isn't such a bad idea maybe one day but for now I'm just going to try something different.

very nicely done(:

This was actually pretty decent. I see it's your first submission to the site, so I'm assuming that it's one of your first animations as well.

Now, I wouldn't describe it as intense, but I was entertained by it. It could've used some music, you should definitely check out the amazing submissions at the Audio Portal. ;D

Basic coloring would've made a difference too. Try that out on your next work, as well as more frame by frame animation. Also, some of the angles were pretty weird. And example could be at 0:30, were the two guys were really close and looking each other in the eyes, and then suddenly they're far away from each other again. Perhaps you intended to show them in a sort of "split-screen" shot, I don't know, but if that was the intention, then again, colors would have helped.

Good work, though.

TheRealC-Star responds:

Thanks mang I didn't expect a detailed review like this I was just kinda messing around, but yea I agree it could have used a little more work I'll try and make my next one better.

Not bad

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2.73 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2013
12:22 PM EDT