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Spock Logic

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A short I made for youtube.com/huhatv

More of my stuff on youtube.com/zenithquinn

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I found this parody very funny. It looks as if someone took Spock's character and made him an unfeeling psychopath - it's very refreshing to see this explored. While it may be out of character for both of those characters (both versions of each), I don't see cause to react like some people do; it's a well-made flash and it's funny to boot. There are (much!) worse ones - which supposedly are in character - with a fiver.

Keep up the good work,

ZenithQuinn responds:

Thanks for checking it out!

Well I thought it was pretty funny. Goodoman, if you are going to give a bad rating you should at least explain why.

Did you watch Star Trek? I'm not quite sure what exactly this is a parody of, it's extremely rushed and not well thought out.

You can't be parodying the old Star Trek "Wrath of Kahn" movie, because in that one Spock dies... but you gave these characters Will Shatner's voice acting and mannerisms? You gave Spock a bizarre thin red elf nose when Zachary Quinto's Spock make up has a very thick and wide nose bridge.

In Star Trek 2: Into Darkness, Kirk is stuck behind glass and is dying. In this you drew him leaned against some door facing Spock while they're in the same room. Again, very puzzling. Spock goes on about how he can sever Kirk's spine so he can't feel, but again, he is dying from radiation poisoning. What would that help at all?

Overall this cartoon is a mess. The voice acting is sub par, the art is basic, the character design is lazy and clearly drawn without any reference, the script was so under researched to the point that it's baffling to understand what's going on, and above all of that it just isn't funny.

It's fine if you want to make something silly and dumb, go for it by all means. Basic research is required when doing a parody though. I'm not even a fan of Star Trek and I knew everything that was wrong with this immediately after one viewing. Next time if you're drawing a character, google search them and try to draw them as closely as possible. Tell the voice actor to do the current voice of the character, not the one from 40 years ago. Understand what's going on in the scene before you parody it.

ZenithQuinn responds:

Well thanks for the review! I will take your critique into account.

Not funny.

ZenithQuinn responds:

People like you is why newgrounds has gone to shit

nice try spock! to me, it was long enough and the joke was punchy........ is that a word??

ZenithQuinn responds:

haha thanks dude! :D