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DBZ Ultimate Power

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Are you ready to battle? Are you ready to feel the ultimate power?? Select up to 16 DBZ fighters & fight in 10 different locations. DBZ Ultimate Power has the most flexible game play in a DBZ flash fighting game. Transform into a super saiyan & increase the intensity of the fight, teleport behind opponents, battle in the air, or even finish off the opponent with specials. You can also listen to the DBZ Ultimate Power soundtrack in the game & just sit back & relax. This is version A of DBZ Ultimate Power which will be followed up by version B,C, and D, so get into the heart pumping intense action in DBZ Ultimate Power! Enjoy! Email me at tsunamicoding@gmail.com if you have any questions or PM me on Newgrounds. I will be releasing more info on DBZ Ultimate Power on my upcoming website

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ok game

so good game

good game

good game but the AI are really spammy and the strength ratio is off i mean how does freiza beat ssj2 gohan when ssj goku killed him with little effort

So I only played 5 matches, but you've got a great start here. I've always been a huge fan of the Legendary Super Warriors sprites and you did a great job putting them into movement. I think the next aspect you should focus on is the defense of the game.
Block blocks, but there are no downsides to just continuously blocking. Maybe having Supers do reduced damage on blocking opponents instead of no damage.
You're probably already thinking of this, but you could give different characters different basic Ki blasts instead of everyone having the same rapid fire blue Ki.
Another thing you've likely also thought of is having Ki blasts cancel each other out, that way it be comes about which player is willing to invest more Ki meter rather who hits the button first.
Lastly, I like the fatigue bar, but it creates a difficult balancing situation when comparing character who can transform against characters who can't. Maybe you're going for more of a Dragon Ball simulator than balanced fighting game, but if you are working towards the latter you should be thinking about a mechanic that could allow a player to reduce their fatigue outside of transformations.
I only now just realize that you uploaded this game in 2013 and you've already begun progress on a sequel, so lol.
But I hope my feedback for this old version of your game can be helpful towards your new project.

Tsunamicoding responds:

Everything you just suggested is in the next version :D! I'm currently tidying up the AI for the next version and it will be released! You're definitely going to enjoy! Thanks for the feedback!