Great conquest

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–°apture the enemy's castle
LEFTCLICK on any of your buildings to select it;
LEFTCLICKING on an empty space will reset any selection;
If you need to select more then one building, use SHIFT+LEFTCLICK combination.
To deselect all your buildings, just click on an empty space or use keyboard SPACE button.

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This game creation of the Strarategy Genre in Newgrounds in quite fitting. Altough not new it seems to reunite under a single banner all the staples of this genre.

I recommend.

This game is so good, it created a new genre: Starategy. Check the tags.


Lots of good here, and lots of potential too!

I could easily see this being a 5-star if there was more context to the levels. (As Siruss said, it would be VERY nice to know why certain buildings can't be used in some levels.) The way the game leaves every level as a sudden skirmish for buildings really left me wanting more from this.

The challenge was great, the "scrolls" were hilarious, and there was a great deal of effort put into this everywhere that I looked. Unfortunately, all the effort pales to white noise after being kicked from fight to fight without a transition or even a story to follow. The addition either would DRASTICALLY improve the overall quality.

Great work! I'd be happy to see more from you in the future.

The victory screen was not enough of a payoff. It was very challenging, although a bit difficult to play with a touchpad and sometimes the battles would get so hectic that I couldn't really know what was going on. It was very strategic, although it would have been nice to have a bit of story to explain why it is that certain buildings are unavailable for a certain scenario.

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2013
12:17 PM EDT
Strategy - Other